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Tennessee Guy Wins $2 Million On The Lottery, Does Interview Drinking Beer Saying 'I'm Still A Redneck'

You know what? Call me crazy here. I believe him, yo. There’s something genuine and pure about him saying he’s still a redneck. I mean everything about this interview is just so on brand for Tennessee. The beer. The redneck comment. The jager on ice. It’s fantastic.

What a crazy story though, but one that I feel like is traditional for big time lottery winners. There’s always some sort of background – this guy being in prison for 7 years for burglary. Adjusts his life when he gets out and is now $2 million richer.

I do feel for the woman that knocked on his window only to be told he won $2 million. One of my good friends did something similar to me a few years back. It was awesome to hear him win but brutal knowing I never would. He called me to ask if something was a word, I ask why, he says he just won $30,000 and hung up. You want to talk about your all time cliffhangers? It took him another 30 minutes or so to get back to me about what the shit was going on. Those damn crossword scratch offs. I just want to win.

I’m about to drive to Tennessee and directly to this store. It appears to be good luck so I will be purchasing all my tickets from there and there only.