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Dude Gets Arrested For Mopping the Floor a Little Too Aggressively


BRISTOL – Bristol police have apprehended a man who took a cleaner’s mop at a hotel and began “aggressively mopping” the floor despite pleas for him to stop. The incident took place at the Double Tree hotel around 6.30pm on Monday, when 30-year-old John Thornton spotted a hotel employee doing a bad job of cleaning, police claim. “[Thornton] then began to mop the floor but became more aggressive and mopped over the employee’s shoes several times,” said police spokesman Lt Donn Watson…The cleaner, who was left “shaken” by the mopping attack, will be pressing charges.

I think we can all agree that the only thing that happened here was that this cleaning lady got served. She got served so hard. Johnny Thornton just put that bitch in her place and now it’s on. Apparently this was the first time Bristol PD had to deal with a situation like this because they should have realized that all is fair in love and mop-offs. JT just got in the zone and brought that extra hot fire. So much pageantry and flair, and obviously in you’re in the midst of a heated mop-off, a quick mop of the shoe is hardly a crime. No harm no foul. I don’t know, this is for sure an overreaction by the police to arrest John Boy T and for the cleaning bitch to press charges. But she’s probably dumb and poor as shit and hoping she can make out like a bandit if she shows up to court wearing a neckbrace. Imagine being John Thornton though just for one second as he’s in the holding cell down at the police station. Everyone’s going around saying what they’re locked up for. Dude in the corner is in for his 3rd time for armed robbery, new guy in the corner in there for attempted homicide, then everyone shifts their focus to John and asks him what he’s in for. With a set of crazy eyes, John turns around and says, “I mopped the shit out of a floor when I wasn’t really supposed to”. Boom. Chills down everyone’s spines.