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New York Man Spends 14 Hours A Day For 4 Years Writing Out The Entire Bible By Hand

PHILMONT, N.Y. (AP)In the beginning, Phillip Patterson decided to write out every word in the Bible. On empty pages, he wrote of Adam, an ark, locusts, loaves, fishes and the resurrection in his neat, looping cursive. Four years of work begat more than 2,400 pages and left a multitude of pens in its wake. Now, as he copies the last words of the last book, Patterson sees all that he has created. And it is good. “I hadn’t counted on the fact that it would end up being beautiful,” Patterson said. “Or that it would be so exhilarating. And so long.”  One day in 2007, his longtime partner, Mohammad, mentioned that Islam has a tradition of writing out the Quran. Patterson replied that the Bible was too long. Mohammad said, well then, Patterson should do it. “The next day I started researching pens and pencils and paper and never looked back,” he said. Patterson works at a wooden desk by his bed, near neatly shelved pages of his completed volumes. Fingers on his left hand track the words on a small hardcover Bible while he methodically writes with his right hand. Patterson pencils in ruled lines on the sheets to guide his writing and erases them when he is done, leaving black ink on creamy white pages. The Bible’s exact word count depends on who is doing the tallying, but multiple sources put the King James version at around 788,000 words or more. Patterson used to work up to 14 hours a day on the project, though he averages around six to eight hours a day now that his stamina has ebbed. He usually works until he can’t stay awake. “I go to bed and close my eyes and feel so incredibly serene,” he said.

What a fucking dickhead. The greatest gift God has ever given is the gift of life and you choose to spend yours writing out the fucking Bible. Gimme a break, guy. And spare me the bullshit about “becoming a better person” and “learning” and feeling “serene.” You can do all that shit just by reading the Bible. As a matter of fact, you probably don’t get as much out of it when you’re scribbling it all down. Like when I used to cheat and school and copy someone’s homework. Didn’t learn shit doing that. Bottom line is this asshole is doing this for attention and he’s wasting his life away scribbling down fairy tales from 2 zillion years ago. Go volunteer and feed the poor or help the sick or any of that other shit God likes.