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24 Year Old Comes Forward To Claim His $768 MILLION Lottery Jackpot After 1 Month Of Setting Up A Financial Team, Just Hangin' Out

I’ve thought about this a bunch in the past – what I would do if I won the lottery.  No, not what I would spend the winnings on – literally, what I would do in the moment I found out I won.  Who would I tell.  How would I get the physical ticket over to the ticket place.  That stresses me out so much.  How the hell would I get a tiny slip of paper that I need to physically possess from one location to a different location without losing it or ruining it like I do with everything else I own.  Almost glad I’ve never won $768 million so that I don’t have to deal with that anxiety.

Well it took Manuel Franco 1 month to figure it out, but he finally got his ticket to the ticket place and picked up his casual little jackpot winnings. He went for the lump sum which will come out to $326 million after Wisconsin bukkakes themselves with taxes.

He won after buying 10 bucks worth of tickets at Speedway because he was “feeling lucky” – so lucky he almost winked at the store camera.

“I walked into the Speedway and I purchased $10 worth of individual Powerball tickets,” Franco said. “I honestly felt so lucky that I did look up at the camera and I wanted to wink at it cause I just had that lucky feeling.”

He went to work the day after he won but was anxious and sweating. He said he never showed up to work again after that day.

Before the big win, Franco said his biggest concern was getting his bank account up to $1,000. (ABC

Anyway, I know it’s in our nature to absolutely hate anyone who wins a lottery this big.  We wait patiently for them to implode, we grin to ourselves when we read about how their lives fell apart from the Lottery Curse and how they’re filing for bankruptcy after losing it all.  It could have been us.  Fuck that guy for being lucky.  We deserved it more.

Not going to try and talk you out of human nature, just gonna say – this dude seems like a pretty good dude.

He tried to go to back to work and keep his life normal.  His first move was to set up a financial team to be smart.  He’s prepared to say no to all the “cousins” who come asking for money.  He wants to “do good for the world.”

“I’m sure you’ll never see me as like one of the people who went bankrupt or broke or anything like that. I plan to live my life normal as much as possible,” he said.

Franco said he doesn’t know what his future holds but that he wants to “help out the world.” (ABC)

Who knows how much that promise will stick after he gets his first taste of blow and hookers in Vegas and his first private plane lands on his newly purchased private island…but at least he’s thinkin it!

Congrats Manuel you asshole motherfucker.