Caps vs Canes Game 7 Has A Battle of Mr. Game 7's, Home Ice History, And A Ton On The Line

Well, it’s come down to Game 7. I didn’t think it would take more than 5. After we beat Carolina handily twice in the last week of the regular season, I thought it’d be a cake walk. Let me say this- I was wrong. It hasn’t been a cake walk. It’s been a gutter war. A battle of home ice. Carolina’s fans have shown up and willed their squad to 3 wins. It’s been quite impressive. And on the Caps home ice, it’s been the opposite, especially game 5 where the Caps dominated in every way possible en route to a 6-0 win.

And now, it’ll come down to tomorrow, game 7, in DC.

Historically, as you see above,  the home team has an advantage and wins 58% of the time. I like that. That’s church bells to my ears. This is not church bells:


Look, everyone knows I’m not a narrative guy. Narratives are fake facts made up by people pushing an agenda. For example “Ovi will never make it out of the 2nd round” became a rallying call narrative for Caps haters. It didn’t make sense to make a blanket statement like that, but it obviously caught on and then Ovi shut everyone up. I absolutely do not think Carolina being 4-0 in game 7’s matters, considering they haven’t even made the playoffs in 10 years. What happened a decade ago does not effect what happens now. Let’s remember that.

Let’s also remember the Caps went into Tampa last year for a game 7 and won, and almost the exact same team is back. Plus, we have our own Mr. Game 7, Carl Hagelin.

Here they are when they were just babies

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.51.01 PM

I don’t believe in karma. I don’t believe in jinxes. I don’t believe in narratives. But I think I do believe in Justin Williams. Guy just crushes game 7’s. I’m pretty sure he has like 100 goals in those 7 game 7 wins. So thank god we have our own Mr. Game 7 in Hags to balance that out.

There’s no nerves. It’s home ice. It’s do or die. And they seem ready.

This has been a gutter war of a series and tomorrow’s game won’t be easy. Let’s just get a win for the love of gosh and get on to round 2.



PS: I’ve made the decision not to go to DC for the game. I thought about it, but the second I start traveling for first round games is when I lose faith in the team. We are the Stanley Cup champions. Am I supposed to party in the street after a round 1 win? No. I will not celebrate a win we are supposed to get. And if the Caps lose, I’ll be glad I didn’t make the trip. So I win either way.