JR Smith Denies Being At The 40/40 Club The Night Before Game 1, Responds To Heckling Fans On Twitter



First an for most I Midas Whale clarify that I always hate stories like this. Because its all hindsight is 20/20 in these situations. Or should I say 40/40! ZING! But the reality of the matter is this is only a story because JR Smith went out there and shot 26 fucking percent in game 1 and stunk the Garden up. Yes, if he was out getting shitfaced till late in the morning, obviously that affects his play and could be a reason for the game 1 dump he took on the court. But I don’t think even JR Smith is dumb enough to do that. I think he was probably out watching the fight with some buddies. Is it a great idea? Especially when you already have an off the court reputation? Of course not. After all that talk earlier in the season about how he’s grown up and figured it out and focused, you’d think he would know the potential for backlash for being out at a club the night before a day game. But is it the end of the world? No, Can’t expect these guys to be complete hermits. Bottom line is its only an issue because they lost game 1. Just win and nothing else matters. Its like Gladiator – win the game and you’ll win your freedom. You can do whatever you want when you win.

As for the twitter bullshit, I think its just such a bad look to respond to the trolls. Gotta stay above all that garbage. Gotta be mentally stronger than losers on twitter. If I was a GM I’d have a full blown twitter ban when the playoffs rolled around. But again, play well and win and none of it matters. You can go clubbing and tweet your dick off, as long as you win me ballgames.