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The Pick Heard Around The World

I know everyone has seen how great of a streak I have been on. I want to keep this simple and sweet. I could sit here and compliment myself non-stop but I just want everyone to make money and not worry about the game. It is a great lifestyle just knowing you are going to win when you are putting the bet in. I have been cooking up some research and gut feelings all day. Lets keep winning.


Magic vs Raptors -11.5

The first lesson I want to teach everyone is that do not be scared of the big spreads. Just look at the stats you rats, the only time the Magic won a game is when Kyle Lowry scored zero points. There is no chance that will happen again and the Raptors are going to close it out at home with a blow out win. They don’t have Lebron to worry about ruining there chances of winning the east so their minds are clear and ready to go. Kawhi has been in these situations and look for him to score at least 30 tonight.


Pick Raptors -11.5 

Thunder @ Trail Blazers -4

The Thunder are the weirdest team in the world. They have these superstars on their team but just cant win. There is no way there are going to go down 4-1 to the Blazers and I just don’t see the series ending here. This is a game where Westbrook goes balls to the wall and puts up a crazy stat.

Pick Thunder +4

This is the best streak in history of streaks so hop on. To The Ratting Moon.