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Let's Give It Up For This Good Boy Who Was Attacked By A Ferocious Porcupine In The Line Of Duty Last Weekend


A police K-9 was left with a face covered in more than 200 quills after being attacked by a porcupine while pursuing a felon in Oregon.

Odin got stuck with hundreds of spines around his mouth as he searched for a fleeing suspect in the Barview area, Tillamook County.

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday that Odin was called to the scene to track a suspect on Saturday when the dog crossed paths with the porcupine.

Photos posted by the Facebook page of the Sheriff’s Office showed the unfortunate dog with several quills in his mouth and two dangerously near his left eye.

Look at Odin’s face here.  You think he gives a shit that there are a million needles jammed into his tongue and eye socket?  Hell no.  The one and only thing that is on his mind is hunting down that scumbag felon he was chasing before some goddamn porcupine aided and abetted said scumbag felon by shooting the barbs into his face.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.44.18 AM

And I wish I could report that the felon in this blog had been apprehended and sent to the electric chair, but I have said news to report:

Deputies said on Monday that Odin is now recovering and doing well at home, but the porcupine ‘remains at large’.

I don’t care if we have to call in that hot red head from Zero Dark Thirty who hunted down Bin Laden, I want this porcupine’s head on a stake and I want its pecker sawed off with a rusty knife like Theon.  Straight up go Game of Thrones on this fucking little asshole porcupine.  Odin was prolly just trying to sniff his asshole and introduce himself and be like “Yo, I’m odin.  I’m hunting down some felon.  You seen any felons around here?” before the vicious attack.


No punishment will be too harsh once they catch this felon.  Fuck that porcupine.

Oh and btw, Odin is “recovering and well at home”, so that porcupine is sleeping with one eye open

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.49.32 AM

PS – my Netflix is fucked up and I can’t watch it because I have to install some silverlight HTML player or some shit and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it, so I’ve been stuck to HBOGO for my nightly fall asleep with a movie on sessions.  A few nights ago I watched Homeward Bound.  Shout out to Chance for dealing with a porcupine himself.  Dog had so much courage