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"We Want Boston" - A Fool's Proverb

I don’t have anything against the people of Milwaukee. They seem like solid, salt of the Earth folk who just want to own the Packers and go about their lives drinking beer and eating many fine cheeses. You wont hear any gripes from me about beer or cheeses today, or any other day for that matter. But they have now lumped themselves in with the likes of Yankees fans, Chiefs fans, and other buffoons throughout the course of recent history to chant this rather foolhardy chant. “We want Boston,” works out absolutely never for the other side. Sure, you may have Troop Giannis on your side who does shit like this out of sheer boredom:

But I don’t care. Al Horford, every heard of him?

Eric Bledsoe will be thrown out of no less than half of these games after Terry begins renovations on the apartment complex he built in Bledsoe’s frontal cortex last playoffs. “Oh but the Bucks pushed the Celtics to 7 games last year and got better! Giannis is the MVP now!” Big whoop, we didn’t have Kyrie (the most winningest postseason player in NBA history nbd but kbd), Tatum’s a year older, Hayward is healthy, Baynes is impervious to pain, and Jaylen has read no less than 700 books since then. Celtics in 3. One win for as many times as this video got blogged on