European Basketball Fans Throw Stools And A Goddamn BRICK At Their Opponent Before A Playoff Game


h/t Abelardo_Fernandez on Reddit and techsportsserbia on IG

The series is tied at 2-2, which means the decider was to be played in Belgrade, in Red Star’s arena. Match was meant to start at 19:00 CET, but during the warm-up, bunch of Red Star fans crashed the pitch and attacked Budu?nost’s players. They spat all over them, some threw chairs, and, believe it or not, a man threw a brick (literally) at Budu?nost players while they were running off the court to the locker rooms. Here’s a video of it.

The match was postponed by an hour, and is being played now as if nothing happened. 

So I saw this floating around on Reddit and then finally found a site that went more into it. Unfortunately it’s in Bosnian, so you have to use a translator.

The one thing you don’t need a translator for though is this is a goddamn WILD scene. I mean shit being thrown at you left and right including a brick. Who throws a brick besides Kevin McAllister? European basketball players that’s who. I believe the brick is in the first video – I’m just going by the report here.

Imagine trying to play in this environment:

I mean we hear things about crazy college hoops venues and rightfully so. But the biggest concern there is a storming of the court. Now, let’s lace the crowd with weapons and see how people freak out about that.

The two teams involved here are apparently rivals. Red Star (the home team) has a bunch of familiar names led by Billy Baron (friend of the program, nbd). They also have guys like Dusan Ristic (Arizona), Michael Ojo (Florida State) and Mouhammad Faye (Georgia Tech/SMU). Buducnost has Norris Cole, Devin Williams (WVU), Earl Clark (Louisville) and James Bell (Villanova).

I can’t get enough of European basketball fan videos. Now, clearly throwing a brick and chairs and shit is crossing the line. But, the craziness – sign me up every day of the week. I can’t imagine how many dudes would piss themselves playing in this environment.