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Does This Look Like The Face Of An All NBA Center And One Of The Best Big Men In The Entire League?

To be frank, yes…yes it does. This beaut right there is Denver Nuggets franchise player Nikola Jokic, but you should have known that already. This photo found it’s way onto r/nba and eventually Twitter and when I saw it I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean we ALL have early passport/license photos that you look back on in absolute disgust. A lot can go on in terms of a glow up in 10+ years and I’d say Jokic has made quite the transformation. Sometimes bad pictures happen, for example have you seen my blogger photo? Never try meth kids, not even once. Hell even our very own Clem just had this happen to him the other day

Man that picture is so Clem and I’ve never even met him, just makes me want one of those patented happy Clem hugs.

But back to Jokic. His entire rise to becoming one of the best big men in the entire NBA and a for sure All NBA team member is really pretty crazy. If I understand this correctly this photo was taken when he was 14 years ago, about 5 years before he entered the Draft and was selected 41st overall. Call my crazy but that picture doesn’t scream elite basketball player but that’s why I’m a blogger and not responsible for drafting Euro talent. Think of the development we saw with Giannis once he got into the league, with Jokic it’s not even in the same universe. He didn’t come to the NBA and become some sort of chiseled physical monster. He’s the same sneaky fast but definitely thicccc big man who looks more like the washed up guy in your men’s league than a top 3 big man. And yet, he dominates. It makes no sense yet he’s a legit unstoppable force between his scoring and passing ability.

I’ll also say this, I know he’s just a kid in this photo but 32 year old me is absolutely terrified of Jokic here. He just has this look about him that under no circumstances do you want to fuck with him. Maybe growing up with two giant bothers had something to do with it, but man that kid would destroy all of us if you even attempted to make a fat joke around him.

Again, this is who that photo turned into…