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Bill Gates Got Caught Dancing With Five Different Chicks At LIV Nightclub In Miami

Source - Bill Gates holding court on the dance floor with 5 hot chicks is a thing of beauty … and HILARIOUS as hell!!!

The billionaire had a fully lit weekend in Miami, owning the dance floor at LIV Nightclub. Witnesses tell us Bill showed up at around 11 PM Friday night … flanked by his bodyguards. He had his own table (again, he’s a billionaire) and was there with a small group of friends.

Check out the vid … you can see Bill’s muscle surrounding him while he puts in some serious work on the dance floor … with club dancers in tow.

Bill — who was in Miami to watch his daughter compete in a prestigious equestrian tournament — was spotted at Delano South Beach prior to hitting up LIV … where they partied ’til around 1 AM.

Look, we don’t know who these women are. They could be hookers, they could be his daughter’s friends, they could be anyone. But I think it’s safe to say that Bill Gates hasn’t set foot in a nightclub in quite some time. Maybe even ever. He’s sold bajillions of dollars worth of software to the entertainment industry and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never enjoyed any of it. When would he have the time? He’s been running the world’s computers since 1975. The last time he danced was at the Windows 95 launch.

He probably threw up all over the place just like everyone else when he found out the bottle of vodka he bought cost ten grand.

Regardless, I love this look for Bill. Arguably the nerdiest man of all time just out cutting a rug at LIV in Miami with some babes. Wearing the same horrendous khaki pants and Mr. Rogers sweatshirt he’s worn since he was a baby. Didn’t feel the need to change because his checking account has more digits that Pi.

I wonder if those girls knew who they were dancing with? Obviously, the sea of bodyguards and overwhelming BDE probably tipped them off, but I wonder if they actually took the time to process who he is. My mind can’t even comprehend how much of an impact he’s had on humanity. I mean, the first two things that come up when you google his name are, “eradicated Polio” and “created modern computing.”

Anyway, they danced to Waka Flocka Flame’s “Grove St. Party” and Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds”. I’m not hoping for a divorce, but I will admit that I was disappointed by the Bezos settlement.