The 'Christian Life International' Softball Team Logo Is Hard To Find

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From aptly named Imgur user Iamabonermachine:

The elders at my brother-in-law’s church got to design the church league softball shirts. The thought “CLI” (Christian Life International) alone wouldn’t signify a church, so they added the cross. Magnificent.

This is very real. No one has had the heart to tell the people who designed it because it was a group of older church members.

What a way to roll up to the mound, friends. In his comments Boner Machine says no one has told the older men on the team, but it’s hard to imagine them making it through an entire season without anyone else in the league pointing it out.

Needless to say, the top comments didn’t disappoint.

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This reminded me that the Navy has a new-ish fleet of Littoral Combat ships. Cue jokes about other militaries being unable to locate it, and sailors being all over it, and something, something wetness. I’m in my early 30s and I’m not sure if something’s wrong with me (yes) but it still makes me laugh.