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Anybody Saying The Knicks Were Insensitive To The Marathon Bombings With Their Funeral Stunt Needs To Get Out Of My Face

Fox SportsBefore the game, Kenyon Martin had encouraged his teammates to arrive at the arena dressed in black for a Celtics “funeral.” Perhaps these jokers should have remembered that two weeks ago bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon that killed three people, injured 264 and damaged that city and this country. Perhaps they should have looked at Wednesday’s newspapers and noted that three more men had been arrested in connection with obstruction of justice in the case. Since that awful day, sports has become for that city a touchstone to recovery and better days and the resilience we always show when the worst comes to us with a fury of hate and blood; since that awful day the notion of the dead and of any kind of funereal mood related to anything Boston took on a meaning and reminder that should have prevented this stupidity.

Was the Knicks Funeral for the Celtics stupid the stupidest, most arrogant, pointless stunt of all time? Quite possibly, yes. Does it have anything to do with terrorism at the Boston Marathon? Absolutely not. Was this a disrespectful gesture towards anyone who died or was injured in the bombings? Absolutely not. Anyone insinuating that or writing articles can fucking kick rocks. Its such a cheap tactic to stir the pot and draw attention to yourself. Its such a ridiculous overreaction I feel stupid even acknowledging this bullshit. If I say “I hope we kill Boston tonight” am I insensitive towards the victims? If I say the Boston Big Three Era is “dead” after tonight am I disrespecting those who died that day?

I’ll tell you whats insensitive – and thats even discuss this kind of bullshit in relation to a terror attack. Like anyone recovering from their injuries or mourning the loss of a loved one gives a fuck about Kenyon Martin and a couple other idiots dressing in black before a basketball game. What a preposterous notion.