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Klay Thompson Remains An Interview Legend


There’s no doubt Klay Thompson rules for a lot of reasons, many of them basketball related. One of the purest jumpshots in the history of the NBA, he had that thing of beauty on full display today in the Warriors big Game 4 win with 32 points on 12-20 shooting and 6-9 (nice) from three.

But because it’s Klay, you knew the best part was not his dominance on the basketball floor but what would soon come after the final whistle. Few things are better in this world than getting Klay Thompson in front of a microphone and letting fate do it’s thing. We got things started with his sideline interview


anyone else may have been rattled in a situation like that, but not Klay. He’s smoked way too much weed to let something like that get him off his game. Just throw out a quick my bad and keep it moving. Then it continued to the podium.

I know today is a big Jesus day for some people out there, so maybe that’s what Klay was going for. A quick little baptism in the Pacific Ocean to get this three point stroke back. In reality Klay hadn’t been shooting that poorly this series from the floor after Game 1, but there’s no denying he wasn’t exactly his same old Splash Brother self from behind the arc. Before today he sat at 2-12 from deep and that simply won’t cut it. In the playoffs you have to entertain every single idea in order to get your game back, and I’m thinking he and Jonas sat down for an MHOC session and he threw out the possibility that jumping into the ocean might be the cure to all his shooting woes, so of course Klay tried it and it worked.

Now his shooting is back, the Warriors have a commanding 3-1 lead and those usually work out for them so there’s no reason to panic.