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The Celtics Put The Pacers Out Of Their Misery And Sweep That Ass

Boston Celtics v Indiana Pacers - Game Four

They did it. They really did it. I’m just a lowly blogger, but I feel like it’s pretty good when you never lose a game in a playoff series. Wrapping up the first round in a quick 4 games and perfect health is about as ideal a scenario as I could have hoped for. On top of that, they did it on a night where both Kyrie and Al Horford stunk up the joint offensively. There’s no denying the Pacers were outmatched from a talent perspective, but the Celtics had to earn each and every win in this series. They did it twice on the road after not coming close to resembling a real basketball team on the road during last year’s playoffs. Despite being a 4-0 sweep, we still had to see this team execute down the stretch on both ends and they came through, something that you had every right to question if they could do heading into the postseason.

Games like this are why this team can be so dangerous. Things are going to be entirely different against MIL, but the Celtics have the depth to make that a competitive series. Look at what Gordon Hayward did tonight, look at how the kids played, hell even Mook looked playable. There’s no point in comparing this potential matchup to last season because so much has changed. The Bucks are a wagon and way better than last year, and the Celts are going into that series with two new star pieces.

But first, let’s just enjoy this for a moment. I don’t care who it’s against, sweeping someone in a series is pretty damn hard this time of year. People will call this a fake series and an expected outcome but get the hell out of here with that. Before the series we kept hearing about how the pesky Pacers would be a challenge because they played hard all the time. I think we all expected the Celts to wrap this up in like 5, but to have a dominant sweep like this was a pleasant surprise given how unpredictable this team was all year. Pretty sure this was the 2nd sweep I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, so that’s pretty fucking cool.

All we wanted as fans was to be playing our best basketball at this time of year and for this team to prove to us that they could actually flip the switch and be that elite team we all expected months ago. They may not be there yet, but this is a step in that direction.

Full breakdown tomorrow, cancel all your meeting, this team is the closest in the NBA to a title and it feels fucking GREAT

4 down 12 to go