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NYPD Ticketing Mets Fans For Tailgating At Citi Field

Yahoo – Baseball fans heading to Citi Field this season to soak in a New York Mets game may be surprised to learn that New York City police officers will be patrolling the official team parking lot to hand out citations to tailgaters drinking in public. Drinking alcohol in public has long been banned in New York Cityand its surrounding areas, but until recently, the law was rarely enforced inside local team stadium parking lots. For example, the New York Jets, who play home games at the nearby MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, have no official policy on pregame tailgate beers on their website. The Jets website explicitly states that tailgating “has become a ritual at the stadium.” Similarly, the New York Yankees, located in nearby Bronx, New York, have no express written policy on their website banning the consumption of tailgate beers in the team parking lot. It’s a different story at Citi Field. The team’s website clearly states that consumption of alcohol is prohibited in pregame tailgate parties in the team parking lot, but most fans aren’t aware of the rule, because there is no signage stating it upon entry to the ballpark premises. “I was unaware of the rule until it was too late,” said Woodmere, New York, resident Sami Wyman, who received a $25 citation for drinking a Bud Light out of the can at Mets Opening Day this year. “It’s unfortunate that some people can’t control themselves when drinking, but it is outrageous to ticket people for something that is a traditional part of a sporting event.” Another New Yorker was angered to hear that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy tailgate beers with friends this year at Citi Field after paying $20 to park in the team lot.

This is probably the meanest thing I’ve ever heard. Ever. This is like picking on a retarded kid on the playground. Its like bullying a kid with cancer. Just kick me while I’m fucking down, NYPD.

Now I’m not gonna sit here and tell you tailgaiting a baseball game is the same thing as a football game. Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really done it for a baseball game. Just not the same at all. But as a Mets fan, alcohol is all I got. Its all we got. If you aren’t walking into Citi Field drunk, you are NOT going to have a good time. Period. The product on the field ain’t gettin the job done. Unless you’re willing to shell out almost 10 bucks a beer all game, getting drunk in the stadium isn’t an option. So how about the NYPD just throws us a fucking bone and lets us have a few Bud Lights in the parking lot before we go flush our money down the toilet and watch a minor league baseball team for Major League prices?

The worst part isn’t even the NYPD though. Because you just know the Wilpons are somehow secretly behind this. Thats the only explanation for the Mets being the only team to have a no alcohol policy on their website. I bet they get like 5 bucks per citation. Anything for a few extra bucks.