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The Warriors Told Draymond Green They Couldn't Win The Title This Year Because He Was Too Fat

Golden State Warriors Media Day

[The Athletic] - The All-Star break had come and? gone.? March? was? approaching, the? stretch run? of the?? season. Warriors general manager Bob Myers knew it was time to say something. And it would be a leap of faith, too, as the relationship between the Warriors front office and Draymond Green hasn’t been the best this year.

“Draymond,” Myers said then. “I’mma tell you something you may not want to hear.”

“All right. I’m listening,” he told Myers.

“If we’re going to win a championship,” Myers said, “you’ve got to get in shape.”

Oh, I’m sure the Warriors weren’t going to win this year because Draymond was too fat

It is kind of hilarious to hear how nervous the Warriors front office was to say this too. I get it. No one wants to hear they are fat. Especially if you are a starter in the NBA. That just seems like something that shouldn’t happen.

This line is every single person though:

“He’s definitely eating better,” said Andrew Bogut, who signed with the Warriors in early March and started next to Green on March 18. “Because he used to eat like shit.”

Yeah, no kidding he eats like shit. If I had that sort of money I’d be eating out every day, eating whatever the hell I want.

But, I get where the Warriors are coming from. They want Draymond to be a more consistent player and use him in their pace and space style of play. But, if he got fat I think that would be the better story. I need some hefty fella out there running the positionless five spot.