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The Lightning And Flames Just Combined For 235 Points And 1 Playoff Win

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? The Number 1 seeds from each Conference are about to combine for 1 win in 9 games in this year’s playoffs. They combined for 112 wins this season could only muster a single win after April 10th! Both against the 8th seed in their respective conference. The Stanley Cup Playoffs surprise me EVERY single year. The Vegas Golden Knights going all the way to the Cup Final last year, the 1 seeds getting FLATTENED this year, the Kings run in 2012, the Montreal Canadiens in 2010, its always something. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen you get absolutely smacked in the face.

The Avalanche are POURING IT ON in Calgary tonight. Its 5-1 now and its only a matter of time before Rantanen and Mackinnon decide to send a pass across and one-time another one into the net. They are scoring at will right now. I hope whoever plays the Avalanche next figures out a way to slow these guys down because if not, we could be looking at a juggernaut here. Makar has breathed life into this lineup and as up and down as their season was, they are now firing on all cylinders at the right time.