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Not One But Two Thunder Fans Drill Halfcourt Shots For $20,000


And people say the Thunder aren’t clutch in the playoffs? Uh, when’s the last time you’ve seen two fans drain halfcourt shots to win $20,000? Guess what?  You can’t. That’s clutch, baby. Sure, they aren’t actually part of the team or anything. But, I dare you to tell a fan they aren’t part of the team. They live and die. And now I fully expect Paul George AND Russell Westbrook to hit clutch shots tonight.

I need an investigation here though. It really makes no sense. Why are you having two people shoot for money? Who are these guys? They have to be professionals. That’s the only thing that makes sense. I’ve seen way too many of these shots either fly 10 feet over the backboard or land at the 3-point line. You just can’t make two of them.

Wonder when one of these guys leave to be a fan of another team though. We know the Thunder can’t keep TWO guys that are stars.