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The Red Sox Trade Blake Swihart To The Dbacks

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

Welp, there ya go. This marks the end of the tenure of one of the most mishandled prospects in Red Sox history, as Blake Swihart is headed to Arizona to join the Dbacks. My first impression when Swihart was DFA’d on Tuesday morning was obviously disappointment, as I genuinely believe he’ll still become a solid everyday catcher at the major league level some day. But I was also happy for him, as he’d be getting the opportunity to play every day somewhere else, an opportunity that was not afforded to him in Boston.

Well, then it comes out that he’s going to the Diamondbacks, a team that’s currently carrying three catchers. Swihart makes four. As we know, Swihart has the flexibility to play other positions, but catcher is his bread and butter. He’s also out of minor league options, so it would appear that the Dbacks have a plan for the 27-year-old to fit on the 25-man roster, although we’re currently unaware what that plan might be. Something’s gotta change, though, because it would be a WILD move to carry four catchers.

In 626 plate appearances over parts of five big league seasons, Swihart hit .255 with a .679 OPS. Best of luck to him with the Dbacks.