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Brave Bets, Jell-O Shots & Thrift Store Shoes: Prepping For Tonight's Rough & Rowdy:

If you’re sitting in your cubicle finishing out the day I highly recommend checking out the fight card for tonight’s Rough & Rowdy HERE. It breaks down every fighter, lists all the nicknames, gives their best (worst) quotes & other stats, and most of these folks are so strange it seems like fiction. Needless to say, it’s got me excited for tonight.

If you’re somehow out of the loop & haven’t checked one out yet, RnR is like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but with Dave, Big Cat & Robbie Fox giving commentary as amateur boxers in jeans, New Balance sneakers & ankle monitors throw haymakers. Rone & Caleb run around catching all the action on the side, the ring gals never disappoint (Team Wobbly Ankles), and the National Anthem will give you chills.


Speaking of chills, the whole office was pitted against each other this year & made bets, and I’m genuinely nervous about mine. I’ve got Wade “Nighty Night” Woodruff vs. Chaps with Shane “Shizzat The Rizzat” Reed.

Whoever wins gets to pick thrift store outfits for the other person for an entire week, and going off his own style I shudder to think what Chaps would choose for me.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll be doing that next time he’s in New York so he has to feel the shame of being in a highly populated area wearing the platform stripper shoes I have in store for him. Because Nighty Night is 100% going to win. He’s a buff military veteran with a long reach & he’ll make quick work of the rat.


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 3.21.40 PM

All that being said, I’ve watched Rough & Rowdy‘s with my friends at my house, on my own while traveling on my laptop, and live at the main event, but oddly enough one of my favorite spots to catch it is at the office.

This time around we’ve got a big crowd hanging around so I’ll get done radio at 7pm & walk out of the studio with a solo cup in my hand, ready for the fights at 7:30pm ET.

In fact, ZBT’s Captain Cons is here & we’re about to run down the street to get stuff for Jell-O shots along with some other favors.

Rough & Rowdy is a party & as someone who’s generally not into boxing, it’s worth the watch & something I block out time for. Full honesty – I’m gonna tie one on tonight & love every second. If you’re looking for a good way to start off your Friday night, this is it.