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Why Is Everybody Talking About Lindsay Vonn's Wipeout?


That might literally be the softest fall I’ve ever seen on a ski mountain. Not even a full yard sale. You take one lift up Killington and you’ll see at least 5 Asians in jeans fall 100 times harder than this. Reason #10994482 chicks shouldn’t play sports, I guess. It’s like a national nightmare because she took a bunny slope spill. Getting reactions like this

And getting airlifted off the fucking mountain

That fall was maybe hard enough to break a nail. Certainly not bad enough to tear your ACL. You just angle your skis perpendicular to the mountain, get up, ski down, grab a beer and get back out there and do it again. Such a simple solution but since it doesn’t involve online shopping chicks have no idea what to do and have to get rescued by a bunch of mountain men.