Apparently Tim Anderson Is Getting Suspended For NOTHING

This is it.  This is the new worst suspension in the history of sports.  Tim Anderson did NOTHING wrong.  He pimped his bat, talked some shit.  Not a single punch was thrown, or at least one that I can tell.

Here’s the whole video that everyone in the world has already seen because it’s all they’ve been talking about on MLB Net and shit for the last few days:


Getting tossed in the first place was bullshit in and of itself.  He didn’t do anything.  In fact he started tapping Martin Maldonado’s chest protector as if to say “we’re cool fam”.  And with Abreu pulling him away he was never even gonna get a punch in if he wanted to.  And since I’m an unbiased journalist, not even Keller deserved to get tossed.  Warn both benches and then if shit happens after, start the ejections.  But if you wanna throw out Renteria and Yost, fine.  That probably helps both teams in-dugout decisions anyways lol amirite

Such bullshit #FreeTimmy

PS – even the MLB Twitter account says Anderson didn’t do shit


Apparently it’s because he used “bad language”

What the fuck?  Unless he said something racial or homophobic this is the biggest joke in sports history