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Video Of Puppy Puking All Over New Louis Vuitton Bag Resonates With Me Deeply

This video – but I’m the dog, and the purse is this beautiful Spring Saturday in New York City.

I’m still recovering from Rough N’ Rowdy and didn’t get out of bed until around 2PM. In one of the last videos of the evening I’m wearing one of Feits fancy festival hats & telling disinterested strangers at a bar, “I’m an influencer, because this is an influencer hat.”

This morning I was supposed to go to Rhode Island to see a friend & then go hiking & exploring, and instead I ordered a huge amount of delivery then loped around my neighborhood nursing a hangover.

In other news, I reached out to the person who’s purse it was for more details (Girrrrl, how much was that purse & what products are best for getting dog vomit off a Louis Vuitton?) but think it weirded her out when I asked if she still loved her dog & never heard back. Understandable!

In other, other news, I’m writing this from the bar I had to trek back to Manhattan for because it’s where I left my card last night. The cycle continues.

If you’re like me & just need to lay low right now, a friendly reminder that PFT & the Hard Factor guys are about to get stoned out of their minds on a huge stage at the Cannabis Cup. You can watch it live, as I plan to do, because I’d like to see how our sunglasses shaded friend handles this so soon after his trip to Hong Kong. Check it out & help them beat out the competition…


It’ll be streaming on the main site HERE at 7:15ET/4:15PT.