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Kodak Black Says He Was Arrested After Accidentally Following GPS Directions Across The Border With Guns And Weed In The Car

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Kodak Black was arrested this week at the US-Canada border the other day for weapons and drugs charges, but no one really knew what happened at first. Why would he willingly try to cross the border when he knew it was going to be bad? Very puzzling. Well…

Kodak Black says his GPS led him astray.

The “ZEZE” rapper was arrested for weapons and drugs possession at the United States-Canada border on Wednesday night (April 17). Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana after he and three other men tried to enter the U.S. via the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

Now Kodak is revealing why he tried to cross the border in the first place. He blames the navigation system in his car for leading him into Canada. While driving himself from Detroit to Boston, he entered the destination into his GPS, which gave him the most direct route through Canada and back to New York and onto Massachusetts.

But he had no idea he was leaving the country and didn’t realize it until he was asked to present a passport at the Canadian border. At that point, there was no turning back so they stayed on the route.

Police allegedly found marijuana and a Glock 9mm pistol in the Cadillac Escalade driven by Kapri. They also found two loaded handguns and a third in the trunk of a Porsche, driven by one of his associates.

The footage of him coming out of jail was funny as shit.


But what really happened? How did Kodak end up trying to drive across the border with very obviously illegal items? The GPS! There is nothing more relatable than bad GPS directions. You’re already driving and trying not to hit people with your multiple thousand pound vehicle as it moves around at 70MPH, and then your phone is spewing confusing shit. Which lane do you need to be in to go South? Why is there 94, 194, 294, and a trillion lanes going every which way? Then the lady starts barking out vague instructions as you are trying to read the phone and drive. Its a nightmare.

I’ve missed quite a few turns over my time traversing the country in my F150 and its extremely frustrating every single time. I’ve never driven through a country accidentally but I’m sure it happens. You have to think they were already trying to evade police by driving from Detroit to Boston instead of taking about an hour flight. You never want to harp on someone after they’ve already messed up, but you gotta take a quick look at the 3 routes Apple Maps gives you and try to take the one that stays in America the whole time, even if its 10 miles and 16 minutes further. Trust me its worth it!

Imagine the behind the scenes footage of them coming up to the border with guns and drugs and realizing what was going on? The officer asking for a passport from people that have no idea whats going on had to be the ultimate “OH SHIT” moment.

Now we know why they wouldn’t let Kodak drive the boat