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Yankees Sign Logan Morrison - The Same Guy Who Shit On Yankees Fans Saying "You Can't Fix Stupid"

I hate pretty much everything about this signing. It has nothing to do with money obviously, it’s just the player. I don’t like anything about Logan Morrison the human being. He’s a douche bag. If you remember back in 2017, Logan shit on Gary Sanchez being in the home run derby because he had 24 homers at the time and Gary had 13. He was bitching and moaning, saying Gary didn’t deserve the spot, meanwhile Gary proceeded to knock Giancarlo out in the first round that year. That didn’t sit well with Yankees fan obviously, and Logan responded with “you can’t fix stupid.” A lovely thing to say about a fanbase. He later claimed he was talking about the process, but I don’t buy that one bit. I see through your lies Logan.

Well, now he’s on the Yankees, well the minor league team. He has until July to get called up before he can opt out. He’s here in case Bird can’t come back and Ford can’t prove himself as a backup. I have full confidence Mike Ford can hold his own up here. He works counts, doesn’t strikeout, and has lefty power from first base. Unless LoMo wants to apologize in front of the media to the fans then I don’t want him anywhere near my team.