I'm So Confident Ninja Warrior Will Win At RnR That I'm Crowdsourcing My Bet


My podcast Co-host Jeff D Lowe and I have a little friendly wager going on the most electric fight in this years RnR. I bet on White Lightning, the 4x Ninja Warrior/Guinness world record holder, and Jeff bet on Pitbull, the 4x family court date misser/1992 Toyota Corolla haver. The loser has to eat popcorn with toppings of the losers choosing. We were originally going to decide ourselves and go a little easy on eachother, but I’m so confident that I’m willing to outsource that process to you guys. I mean, look at my guy! Wearing a DBZ Kame symbol shirt with the sleeves cut off??? I can’t lose! So go ahead and think of the worst topping you can imagine for popcorn (it has to be something you can buy at a NYC supermarket) and enter it in the form below (If the embedded form doesn’t work, click here).

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