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Let Kevin Garnett Get You All Sorts Of Jacked Up For Tonight's Huge Game 3

There’s no denying tonight is a massive opportunity for the Celtics. With the Bucks looking like a sweep of the Pistons is a forgone conclusion the shorter this series with the Pacers is, the better. Now this KG video isn’t new, it actually came out last year as a playoff promo but when I saw it come across my timeline late yesterday afternoon I couldn’t have clicked fast enough. I didn’t really remember it so for my stupid brain it was like I was watching it for the first time and I estimate as I write this blog I’ve watched it no fewer than 18,000 times. They just don’t make em like KG anymore and that’s a fact. Nobody gets the blood pumping like a hyped up KG, and I hope someone makes sure this video is played in the locker room before tonight’s Game 3 because who the hell knows what this team will look like on the road. Last playoffs they were allergic to winning away from the Garden, this season they were about as inconsistent as it gets on the road, and now with an opportunity to effectively end the series who knows how they come out.


But I know this. If they play with the intensity that Kevin Garnett shows in that video they’re going to walk into IND and win by 100. If I were you I would have this on loop until tip, because we ALL need to be locked and loaded for what is for sure to be the most exxcrutiating and stressful 2.5 hours of our lives.