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Haha Clinton-Dix Didn't Get His Diploma Because He Owes 'Bama 1$

I absolutely despise the American education system.  It’s the biggest scam on the planet and I wish I never stepped foot in a college classroom.  I was never going to be a doctor or a lawyer.  It’s all a business that masquerades as some liaison that says it’ll help you achieve your highest goals.

And it starts before that; you go to elementary, middle and high school for 12 years and learn a whole bunch of shit that hardly applies to the real world at all.  I don’t give a fuck how to find the hypotenuse of an isosceles triangle or what the constellation Orion is up to.  It’s all shit that you forget the moment you step into the “real world”.

Instead of acting like any of this shit matters, they should just tell you what they’re really doing:

They tell you to go to high school, get a diploma, then go to a college and accrue a $200,000 debt that you’ll never pay off, and work for money for 40-50 years instead of teaching you how to make money work for you.  It’s so ass backwards to me.

Rant over.  Anyways I know Dix is a millionaire and went to Alabama to play football and not to play school, but the fact that they held his diploma back because he owed them “1$” just proves that the American education system is alllllll about money.  It’s not as if his Bama teams doesn’t perennially make the university millions… but that’s beside the point. It’s the fact that they’re so hell bench on penny pinching that they had the gall to charge him “1$” to get his diploma.

Just kidding I’m gonna keep ranting because the American education system pisses me the fuck off.  If they didn’t act like they’re some non-profit that is hellbent on molding the minds of America’s youth, fine.  I’m alllll forrr capitalism. But they do.  They act like they’re necessary when they’re really just some big cash grab.  Again, I’m all for a cash grab, but don’t take advantage of the less informed and act like you’re in it to help when you’re in it for money.