I Think Rod Brind'Amour Is On Crack

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.36.52 PM

He’s on crack, right? That’s the only explanation for those words to come out of his mouth. So instead of being mad at him for being an idiot, I feel bad for him. Because only someone currently on crack would say “he was just not ready for the hit”. Uhhhh, yeah, you think? Getting crosschecked from behind into the boards, yeah, players usually aren’t ready for that. Because it’s not supposed to happen. That’s what makes it illegal, you ding dong brains. I need this crack head to explain to me how a player is supposed to brace for a hit from behind. How is one supposed to be ready for a hit that they can’t see coming? And this is on the tails of him saying Ovi was wrong to fight when his guy picked a fight. Brind’Amour, lay off the crack, bro. Your brain is going to melt away.