Wake Up With Vladimir Guerrero Hitting A Walk Off Home Run Off Of John Rocker
With the news of Vlad Jr possibly making his MLB debut next week, it got me thinking of Papa V. Vlad Guerrerro was so damn awesome. Always felt like he was overshadowed and underrated, even though he won an MVP, I don't think he got the hype he deserved while on the field. Here we have him in this Expos pinstripes going yard off of known nice guy, John Rocker. Vlad hits him with a walk off three run homer and the look on Rocker's face says a lot. I'd pay a decent amount of money to know the thoughts going on in that dome of his, no chance they were good. As the announcers said, the Expos put up a five spot in the bottom of the ninth to pull out the win with all runs against Rocker too. You just hate to see that.
How about the stands in Montreal too? Easy to see why they eventually moved to D where everyone wears suits in the stands. Not great. I also don't think the Expos uniforms got enough pub for being awesome. Great colors, excellent pinstripes, and an all-time hat. Lot to love about the Montreal Expos and Vladimir Guerrero.