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I Got $50 On Tyler "Quick Hands" Dash Tonight For RNR8 And You Should Too


Tonight is the night! RNR8. If you haven’t been to West Virginia or don’t know what the people are like, then The Bully vs The Bullied is going to be a great visual representation

I got selected Tyler “Quick Hands” Dash, A 5’5″ stuttering 19 year old who weighs 2 pounds less than me. Tyler was bullied by some prick named Anthony Martin back in 8th grade. If I had 2 first names, I’d probably pick on a weaker link too.


8th grade seems like a long time, but here’s why Tyler Dash is your best bet.


Quickness is underestimated. For all of you Modern Warfare 2 fans, Sleight of Hand Pro was an amazing perk. If Tyler’s hands are quicker than swapping from an UMP45 to an Intervention, then I think we have a guaranteed winner. So yes, based off a perk from a video game, I am choosing Quick Hands over a bully that has about 20 pounds and 1 brain cell on him. Would LeBron beat Ussain Bolt in basketball? No shit. Would Ussain Bolt beat LeBron in a 40 yard dash? Hmmmm.


Mush has the Bully, and I have the Bullied. Winner of this fight gets $50. If I win, I’ll probably buy a sleeve of Oreo’s and throw the change in the bank. Mush will probably put it towards a WNBA game.


Buy RNR8 now and watch all of the action tonight!