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Remember The Awful Human Who Made That Cheesecake Factory/Iggy Azela Cover? She Read Mean YouTube Comments And It's Surprisingly Delightful

Original Blog: How Desperate Do You Have To Be To Create A Music Video For Your Job At The Cheesecake Factory?

They’re some diamonds in the rough here. “Eat a salad you dumb blonde cant” and “This is kind of like the show I Shouldn’t Be Alive but You Shouldn’t Be Alive”. But you gotta give her credit. This isn’t a famous person accustomed to scrutiny or a Barstool Blogger getting told to “Sew your mother’s vagina back together because your gigantic head ripped it to shreds then go die of AIDS in a fire”. Some people are used to anonymous hate spewed from the depths of the Internets. Nice to see her put on a big smile on the outside while her soul weeps so much on the inside.