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Best of the Best GTA Week 15 - Voting Now Open

New Champ – Jessie Rogers

Contender – Paulina Gretzky:

There was a lot of good asses this week for GTA. Not great, but good. Melissa Satta on Philly. Kendall Jenner on Boston. Doutzen Kroes on Chicago. But the best ass of the week wasn’t even a Guess That Ass at all. It was a Monday night post from El Pres. Gretzky just so fucking hot he couldn’t even wait till the following afternoon to post it. Unfortunately the picture is kind of far away. Can’t really appreciate just how great her ass is in this particular picture, but bottom line is any time you’re having an ass competition and Paulina Gretzky graces you with a new picture of her tush, she’s automatically the number 1 contender.

Its a porn star vs the girl we all wish was a porn star! Lets Vote!

Vote 1 for the champ Jessie Rogers vote 10 for the contender Paulina Gretzky

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