Draftkings Sunday Million Is BACK With Your Chance To Snake Your Way Into The 1%

You ever wanted to be legit rich? I’m talking 1%’er, snob your nose at the little people type of wealth? Here’s your chance. Well, you can try to match my lineup, but good luck. I’ve straight Costanza’d it this week and went the opposite of my gut instinct. I can smell that million now. Can’t wait to upgrade to tuna in olive oil.

Contest Details:

-DraftKings Week 6 Millionaire Maker
-Turn $27 into $1,000,000
-$2,200,000 in total prizes
-$1,000,000 first place prize
-Just $27 to enter – It’s a no brainer
-Back by popular demand, the DraftKings Millionaire Maker. Last week SamENole won $1,000,00 propelled by a monstrous Peyton Manning – Demariyus Thomas xombo, a well as big games from Arian Foster and Golden Tate
-A DraftKings rookie, Roselli50, won $3,000 on his first ever contest with only one entry.