This Southwest Employee Just Shook Up Mock Drafts Across The Internet

Look at that explosive drive to the basket! Look at the pure finish! This guy has all the elements of a hybrid Ja Morant x Zion hybrid. I’ve seen a lot of players knock down big shots in front of crazy crowds, but let’s see them try to shoot free throws while a 747 engine fires up about 30 feet away.

Not to encourage team dissention, but you’d love to see some more help defense from the purple shirt guy to the left of the basket. That arm wave is not going to stop anybody and if this dude is going to be slowed down, its going to take a lot more effort than that. Maybe step in front of him and take a charge? The guy in the yellow vest has clearly checked out and is not expecting the ball from Russell SouthWestbrook here.

All of these guys play in gyms with climate control, fancy shoes, and full training staffs…

But its a whole different game when you have to box out after loading up 50 pound or less free luggage on the 4:35 from ATL –> FLL for half an hour.