Apparently Gigi Haddad Is Being Shit On For Promoting McDonald's Food


Hadid, 23, spent her weekend at Coachella in Southern California, soaking up the sun, enjoying the music and, according to her Instagram feed, chowing down on burgers and fries.

Though many models say that they often indulge in between big jobs, the unlikely combination of model and fries seen in the photo stirred up some controversy online.
In the ad, the supermodel is posing with a large box of McDonald’s fries. The Victoria’s Secret star is lounging around, supposedly munching on fast food, and the captions reads: “pre festival with @mcdonalds… fed & hydrated, thanks friends!”
But burger enthusiasts are a bit fed up with Hadid’s supposed love of fattening foods. Many critics of the model believe that her affection for fast food is misleading, given her incredibly toned physique and access to healthier options.

“As if you ate it,” one commenter wrote. “You have enough money, what’s with the pointless ads?”

“The irony of this sponsorship. A delayed April fools maybe?” another critic commented. Other commenters simply took the model’s endorsement as an opportunity to attack the McDonald’s brand.

“I really do not understand why you would promote McDonalds,” wrote one commenter. “In fact, it utterly baffles me why an intelligent, well informed and influential person like yourself would what to be affiliated with such a company. Surely it can’t be for the money? There are so many other ways to be ‘fed and hydrated.’”

It seems that Victoria’s Secret models can’t really catch a break when it comes to any type of fast food. In December, model Kelly Gale was accused of intentionally fat shaming In-N-Out customers by posing for a workout video inside the restaurant.

It’s really gotta suck being one of the hottest girls on the planet.  I mean Gigi Haddad cannot do anything without it being under a microscope.  Can’t even get nice on some Mickey D’s without being called out for being a liar because there’s “no shot in hell you’d touch that shit”

But… I believe them yo.  Idk why but I do.  Actually I know exactly why – because McDonald’s food is trash.  If she were going to town on a sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin with an extra hash brown then sure, I’d buy it.  But she’s not.  It’s a McDonald’s burger, one of the most disgusting fast food items on earth.  Do me a favor, Gigi, at least make it realistic.  Like hitting up a few Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy’s.  Then and only then would I buy this “ad”.

Oh and here’s a ton of Gigi Haddad pictures:

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