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KO Barstool Claims Florida's New Ad To Attract Buisnesses To Florida Is Sexist

FOX 35 News Orlando



I have a shocking confession to make. I think I’m actually starting to like feminists. I just get a kick out of seeing what they’ll protest next. Whether it be Brent Musberger saying Katherine Webb is pretty or that the Florida Economic Board’s logo is sexist because it has a tie in it.  They just never cease to amaze me.  It’s a constant game of who can top this with pure unadulterated insanity.  I swear these dykes will protest anything, anytime, anywhere. In fact just this past weekend I had a new group of feminists up my asshole. That’s right I hate hockey feminists all up in my shit because of that hockey blog I wrote on Friday. Yeah I guess hockey feminists is like a thing?  Either way it was unlimited entertainment.  See the the best thing about feminists is that they have no sense of humor. None.  They want to be taken seriously so bad that they’ve lost all grip on reality.   You call them toots once and they are completely immobilized.  They can’t tell you are fucking with them.  I think it’s because feminists like all women lack a sarcasm bone.  Just can’t pick up on it for the life of them.