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STUDY: Research Indicates That If Your MCM Has A "Masculine Face" He Is More Likely To Cheat On You

(Daily Mail)– To test if we have indeed evolved to spot untrustworthy men, researchers presented people with 100 photographs of men. 

They were asked to rate them on a 10-point scale for being ‘unfaithful’.

The pictures were of men who had already provided information on their past infidelity.

The study results show both men and women successfully singled out those men who were untrustworthy with a success rate better than chance. Among individuals, 14 to 18 per cent got it right with above-chance accuracy.

Photographs of the men’s faces had previously been rated by other people for their masculinity, attractiveness and trustworthiness.

The results show that men and women were more likely to judge men with masculine faces as being unfaithful, and that this was likely to be correct.

The study states: ‘Male masculinity signals men’s tendency to adopt short-term mating strategies, with more masculine men having more sexual partners and having more positive attitudes towards uncommitted sex and multiple matings.’

When a hoe approaches your MCM at the bar

Shocking STUNNING revolation here coming out of Australia. Guys with masculine faces are more likely to cheat. You know, square jaw, beard, etc…aka “hot guys” who most girls are lusting after are more likely to be unfaithful. You don’t say. I feel bad for all those girls out there. Just trying to land some big handsome fit guy and then always having to worry about whether or not he’s running around. SMH. That’s no way to live. I don’t want to see women go through that so here is what you need to do…next time you see a hot guy…swipe left. Don’t talk to him. Find a guy who is over 6ft, and if you look closely enough and under all of his fat you can kinda tell that there was an athletic body there somewhere long ago. Find a guy who has had to work for female attention. A guy who can’t just get by on his looks because well…he’s a 6ft 6/10 because that guy will probably be funny and should be able to string a few sentences together.. A guy who doesn’t want to go out to bars to watch games because its too annoying with other people around. Ladies, what I am saying is…just date a blogger. That’s the key to your happiness.