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Philipp Grubauer Had The Save Of The Year Tonight

It’s safe to say this is the save of the year, right? There is no way a save of this gratitude was made with more on the line than this. Mikael Backlund had the chance to end the game in OT and tie the series at 2 between the Avs-Flames and Philipp Grubauer comes out of nowhere with the left pad.

I don’t think people understand how big of a save that actually was. If Grubauer allows that goal, the Flames tie the series with it heading back to Calgary. But that save gave the Avs the opportunity to win, which they did and now they completely control the series 1.A 3-1 series is a whole different than 2-2. Calgary has been nails at home too, they looked like a completely different team there in games 1 & 2. You feel about 100x better heading back to Calgary up 3-1 as opposed to tied 2-2 with the chance for them to take control of the series. So shoutout to Grubauer, because that save was bananaland.