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St. John's Only Has One Option - Beg The Southern District Of New York To Apologize To Rick Pitino

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Dave talked about his good friend Mike Repole go absolutely scorched Earth on St. John’s. Repole, is a booster of the Johnnies, who are in the middle of just the most embarrassing coaching search in a long time. Yes, it makes UCLA’s coaching search look like a success.

I mean this line that he dropped:

“This is not a New York laughingstock anymore.” We are now a national embarrassment.”

Here’s the thing. He ain’t wrong. St. John’s has been a mess for years upon years. Sure, the Chris Mullin hire won over the fanbase for the press conference. But, ultimately it was a failure. He was never able to bring St. John’s back to relevancy.

Here’s the truth. St. John’s is stuck in no man’s land. No one cares about playing there anymore. They just aren’t a relevant program. That’s part of the reason as to why they weren’t able to hire Tim Cluess (who they should have made the offer to right away and just hired him no matter what). Why they couldn’t hire Porter Moser (probably lucked out here since I hate that match). Why they couldn’t hire Ryan Odom.


There’s only one solution here. Well, outside of hiring me, there’s one most person to reach out to:

Bring him back to the Garden. Think about it. You hire Pitino and immediately people start to talk about your program again. I mean he has success with New York kids. He made Kentucky relevant again thanks to a kid from New York. He was good at Louisville for the same reason.

Imagine what he would do at St. John’s. He’d have the Garden. He’d have the resources. Plus, imagine the suits he’d be able to pull off there.

Make the call. Make it now.