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In A Disgusting Display Of Disgustingness, Kyrie Acts Like A Petulant Child Realizing He Has To Play Four More Games As A Celtic

It took me so long to get this blog up because I’ve been literally shaking ever since I saw this video. Can you believe this guy? Ever since he said that thing about the guy in January he just hasn’t been able to knock it off with the antics. It’s evident and apparent to absolutely anybody with eyeballs that this malcontent is ITCHING to take this Celtics jersey off once and for all. I mean after Game 1 he ripped it off his back and ran straight to his family. His family from NEW JERSEY which is near NEW YORK which is where the KNICKS play. Now this? Enough is enough with this guy. If Brad doesn’t bench him for the remainder of the playoffs then he can go too because clearly he doesn’t have the stones to stand up to this kind of treason in his own locker room. Benedict Irving strikes again. Hopefully the Celtics can lose these next four games so that Kyrie can finally be released free like the genie out of the lamp.

PS – if you’re of the weak of stomach, please avert your eyes from these postgame comments. Truly abhorrent stuff.