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Gronk Dented The Lombardi Trophy By Using It As A Baseball Bat

A couple things here: for starters, are they making the Patriots Lombardis weaker by the season? Like there’s no chance the first one was as poorly made that it couldn’t sustain a light bunt. I think the NFL is cutting back on its titanium budget and cheaping out on the Patriots Lombardis hoping no one would notice. Well guess what, Goodell, I noticed. You’re not slick.

Or maybe that is a standard, run of the mill Lombardi, made to its proper specifications and Julian Edelman throws cheddar? We all know he has a strong arm as a former QB and as a guy with a perfect playoff QBR. This is no knock on Julian’s arm but I refuse to believe this to be true. The Lombardi has to get dropped a minimum of 25 times during the night of the Super Bowl alone. I’ve never seen one with a dent nor major scratch. I could see if Gronk took a full hack on a mid-70s heater, but this was a standard bunt up the first base line. Absolutely no power generated by Gronk on this swing. It shouldn’t have dented as easily as it did.


But if I could be serious for a moment: should Gronk come out of retirement? Not for the Patriots but for the Red Sox and their stagnant offense? A big bopper like that in the middle of the lineup behind JD and Moreland could be the answer this team is so desperately searching for. I have no idea what position he would play defensively but that’s a problem for a later date.