KFC Radio Episode 39, The Day Game - The Devil's Coin Flip

Now that everyone on the KFC Radio gang is full time and working from home, we can pretty much do KFC Radio whenever we want. Used to do it Wednesdays at 8 so that Big Cat was able to join all the way out in Chicago. But yesterday we did our first afternoon show and I think it works out a lot better for the KFC Radio Cube Monkeys who want to kill an hour at the end of their work day. So you guys tell me – is it something we should work into the blog day more often? Is it better after hours? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?

Big topic this week was the Devil’s Coin Flip. Flip a coin, if it lands Heads you get any sex slave you want. Any girl in the world at any time. Forever. If it lands tails, you spend 5 years in Rikers Island. Federal pound me in the ass prison. Do you take that risk and flip the coin? Big Cat and Feits immediately said they would. I have a pretty steadfast rule that I don’t fuck with prison in any way shape or form. I’ve done a million hypotheticals on this show involving the prospect of going to prison. Every time I pass. Theres nothing in this world worth risking the potential of going to prison and being raped. Not even a sex slave genie. Their logic was that even if it comes up tails, when you go to prison and explain to dudes the reason why you’re in the clink is because you took a gamble on a magic coin flip that could have resulted in unlimited sex, all the other inmates would respect you. Which is actually pretty legit logic. But all it takes is one gigantic black man serving life that doesn’t care about magic coin flips who wants to fuck me and its all down the drain. My anal virginity is worth more to me than unlimited sex.

PS – You know in Wheel of Fortune, when you get the final puzzle wrong but Pat still opens up the envelope to show you what could have been? And its always a brutal kick in the dick. Imagine doing that with this? You agree to not risk prison and don’t flip the coin, but you play it out anyway and see that you would have won? That would be absolutely atrocious.