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Shoutout To The Suns Social Media Team For Absolutely Roasting The Lakers With This Great Burn

Listen when you’re the Phoenix Suns, a franchise that has won fewer than 25 games every season for the last 4 years it’s not as if there will be many opportunities to catch a rare W. Well today is that day, but it has nothing to do with basketball. I don’t know what inspired this but the Suns Twitter account just had a massive thread comparing each NBA franchise to candy. I thought maybe it was #NationalCandyDay but Google tells me that’s actually November 4th so I don’t know the reason for this little exercise but I have to say for the most part they nailed it. This is a long list, but the payoff is worth it I promise

All in all, a pretty damn good job if you ask me. I was ready to give them a 10/10 for this exercise before I even saw their final entry. You may notice there is one team missing from that thread, the Los Angeles Lakers. They saved them for last and I must say, it was worth the scroll all the way down just to see this burn. See for yourself

Hey LeBron

So simple, so perfect.

It’s been a while since these two were actually rivals on the basketball court, but I’m always down for a little roasting between two teams in the same division. What I loved is every other team had a serious candy pairing, they could have roasted everyone in their division (GS/LAC/SAC/LAL), but the fact that they solely went after the Lakers is what made me chuckle. It’s well documented I am all for any opportunity to shit on that sinking franchise, and I don’t even care that it came from a team that somehow is even worse. At least nobody expects them to be good right now (outside of Devin Booker who guaranteed the playoffs, whoops), so if this is the only way the Suns are able to shit on the Lakers then so be it.

Things were already bad enough with the whole missing out on Anthony Davis, then missing the playoffs, then Magic quitting, then Luke Walton getting fired, and now we’re seeing the Lakers getting clowned on by the Suns. The freaking Suns. I don’t know what rock bottom is for this franchise, but this has to be pretty damn close.