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Fat People Banned From Using NYC Bike-Share Program

NY Post – Can obese cyclists sign up for the city’s new bike-share program? Fat chance! It is “prohibited” for any rider who weighs more than 260 pounds to sign up for the soon-to-launch initiative — prompting backlash from riders who say the fat-shaming rule is enough to make them fly off the handle. Everyone who signs up for the program has to agree to a contract, which states users “must not exceed maximum weight limit (260 pounds)” because the bikes can’t hold that much heft. Would-be riders called the rule unfair, saying the 40-pound cruisers are plenty sturdy. “That’s bogus. 260 pounds isn’t going to break the bike,” said Juleissy Lantigua, 19. “To me, that’s discrimination. And I’m not easily offended!” Others claimed the rule makes no sense — especially at the height of the city’s obesity problem. “If you’re 260 pounds or 300 pounds and want to ride a bike, you should be allowed to. You’re making a choice to live healthier and to lose weight,” said Jhoskaira Ferman, a 20-year-old student from Pelham Bay, Bronx. But Department of Transportation policy director Jon Orcutt said the city won’t strictly enforce the weight limit. “I think people will be self-selecting, practical and safe,” he said.

When are The Fats just gonna accept the fact that you can’t do everything skinny people can do? You don’t get to have sex with attractive people. You have to pay for 2 plane tickets. You can’t ride bikes because they are gonna buckle under your incredible mass. These are just a few of the limitations, restrictions and drawbacks you face when you let yourself become morbidly obese. You wanna be 300 pounds, you don’t get to participate in the New York City bike sharing program. I don’t think thats too hard to understand. Plus what do you fat fucks care anyway? You guys really gonna go pedaling around Manhattan? You’re fucking 300 pounds. Its just another Fat Crusade to get the world to feel bad for you. Like if tomorrow we banned fat people from triathlons nothing would change. Fat people ain’t doing that shit anyway. But you can bet your bottom fucking dollar they’d complain about it.

PS – How about the Post just going right after that fatso in the picture? “Riders like this man…” Imagine being that fat son of a bitch and seeing that caption about being too fat to ride a bike? Suicide city.