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UPDATE: 7:15 Eastern Tonight- I Guess I'm A Drug Guy Now, Because This Saturday The Hard Factor Boys & I Will Be Doing A Special Livestream 4/20 Power Hour At The Cannabis Cup

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Some Personal News:

Fresh off the comedown of Hong Kong, I will be heading out to Sacramento, CA with resdent in-house cannbis expert Buddha Ben to meet up with the Hard Factor boys at the annual High Times Cannabis cup on 4/20. Why? Well, to particpate in a livestreamed powerhour in one of the worst ideas weve ever had.

Me and the Hard Factor boys will be taking exactly one (1) dose of marjuana every minute for a hour while running through the most important news storys of the week. Could be great, but more likeley it will be the most mellow trainwreck youve ever seen. Fortunately I will be with Hard Factor, and those (formerly) beefy boys have much higher tolerences then I do so I am putting my full trust in them to keep things on the rails.

The streams going live at 7:15 3 PM eastern/noon pacific from the main stage on the barstool main accounts and its’ going to be appointment viewing IMO. And if your in the Sacramento area tickets are available here.

PS Big shoutout to twitter user/Hong Kong video viewer @mattfeens for accurateley diagnosing me as “a guy who looks like he takes drugs… That probably should not take drugs.” I do not think a truer statement has ever been made.