The STD Rates From Each State Should Sway You From Being A Full Blown Sailor


LS – Sexually transmitted diseases are one major group of diseases that make for ongoing hidden epidemics: In the United States alone, there are nearly 20 million cases of new sexually transmitted infections yearly, from just eight viruses and bacteria. Here is a look at the number of people infected with each of these diseases in the U.S. as a whole, and in each state:




OKAY JERSEY!!! Moving up the VD ladder because I automatically assumed these figures would be through the roof. Shocker of the century the statistics from Seaside Heights and Wildwood alone don’t make the Garden State’s color burn through this map. Nice to see the Bible Belt is using prayer as adequate protection, too. Still, about 1 in 23 (230, me no math well) people in PA have the Clap? People need to start listening more to the wise words of Jimmy Dugan. That shit is everywhere.

Moral of the story: Don’t stick your dick in crazy or anything from Maryland. Seriously, what the shit MD? It’s called the Scroguard. Use it. Between Towson, College Park and Seacrets in OCMD, there’s enough fire being pissed to melt the Ozone Layer. And that’s not even counting the backwoods rednecks hidden all around Maryland (for some reason I have cousins there that are married to other cousins). Can’t exactly cure a STD by pouring the latest batch of moonshine in a turkey baster and shooting it up the pecker.

UPDATE: I read the maps wrong and apparently Wash DC is one gigantic venereal disease, not Maryland. Good work, Nate.