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Octagon Bob Takes A Closer Look At The Main Event LEGENDS At Rough N Rowdy 8

Thor Smash vs Titan Turman, Shizzat the Rizzat vs Nighty Night, Lady Outlaw

Vito The Torpedo vs DylBilly, The Immortal vs The Exterminator, Naruto Ninja

The Real Deal, Mr. Welch, Pop Top Tabby

RnR 8 Fighter + Blogger Matchup Cards

It’s fight night, and I’ve got a couple more fighter breakdowns for ya to consume before we do!

As I’ve said before, this is the best crop of talent we’ve ever seen at a single Rough N Rowdy event, and I firmly believe the fights we’ll see on Friday night will blow the fights in the previous seven events outta the water, so order now!

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RnR 8 Fighter + Blogger Matchup Cards